Has Gmail lost its appeal?

And why I'm switching to Hey

Has Gmail lost its appeal?

I’ve been using Gmail as part of Google Workspace (formally GSuite) for a few years and I’ve been happy with it for the most part. The interface is clear, it’s feature rich, and it has been reliable with no downtime that I’ve noticed.

That said, for all of Gmail’s benefits, it doesn’t have a positive emotional impact on me. In fact, it’s just there. Maybe that’s why it works well, but being a good email platform isn’t enough for me anymore. It doesn’t excite me or make me feel good in any particular way. For me, Gmail has lost its appeal as an email platform.

Enter Hey

  • I recently signed up for a two-week trial of Hey, the new email service by the team at Basecamp, a collaboration platform.

  • It made me feel happy. As Marie Condo would so, it ‘sparked joy.’

  • I ended up paying the $99 a year subscription.

  • While I’m not yet able to use a custom domain with Hey, like I am with Gmail through Google Workspace, this will soon be an option with Hey. They say it’s coming via Hey for Work this quarter. 🤞

We use email so often that it should be fun to use, not just functional. It should spark joy. And Gmail no longer does that for me. I’ll be switching my main email service to Hey as soon as I’m able to use my custom domain.

Here’s what I found interesting on the web today

  • 🕸 Biden’s Commerce nominee backs changes to Section 230 (The Verge)

  • 🎧 Apple's new "Time to Walk" feature for Apple Fitness+ is, basically, uh, podcasts? (Input)

  • 📅 How Atlanta’s Calendly turned a scheduling nightmare into a $3 billion startup (TechCrunch)

  • 📵 Widespread internet outage hits U.S. East Coast (Reuters)

👀 I’m Zooming now?

As my transfer from Google Workspace begins (as I make the switch from Gmail to Hey), I’ve decided to once again start using Zoom for client calls. Lately, I’ve been using Google Meet.

While Meet is a simple to use platform, there are always connection issues. I’ll lose audio for half a minute or so. When this happens a few times each call, it gets annoying. I’m hoping Zoom will be a better alternative.

New client site launch!

After working with Writer’s Desk over the past few months, I was able to design and build a new website for their team. It’s built on the Webflow platform and includes an easy to update CMS, so the client can easily make changes and additions without having to pay for edits. This saves thousands in the long-run.

I’m very happy with the results and the client is extremely happy as well! You can check out the Writer’s Desk website here.